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MAGIC (oil paint)

MAGIC (oil paint)

MAGIC is 20 magically beautiful oil based paints. 18 colors and 2 large pans of white and black shades. Can be used for face or body painting and even comes with a set of 10 artist brushes! Great for lining, bade paint, blending, any painting you can dream of.


Oil based paint so it is waterproof and can take some time to dry. I recommend you use some setting powder (translucent) to set it so it maintains its longevity. I also put a primer underneath but that is completely optional!


For removal, I personally use Neutrogena makeup wipes and Tarte Miscellar water. You can use any makeup remover and if there are some parts that remain colored use a bit of dial dish soap and it will remove (do NOT use that continuously as it will dry out your skin!).

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